Dead Sea Salt Skin Care Products - Dermaclear™

Try our gentle but highly effective Dermaclear Collection formulated to power cleanse, exfoliate and balance skin.

Dr. Jart+ US's Dermaclear™ collection includes dead sea salt skin care products that are the best in their class. That's because most dead sea salt skin care products are built to exfoliate, and ours does it beautifully. But since at Dr. Jart+ US, we're always overachievers, Dermaclear™ is also formulated to deep clean, purify, and moisturize skin for unparalleled results. How? Dermaclear™ combines the traditional ingredients of dead sea salt skincare with our proprietary Hydrogen Bio Water to deeply cleanse pores and remove makeup residue. Our best-selling dead sea salt skincare products also use coconut water, which is known for its moisturizing and antibacterial properties. (Coconut water also gently softens and lightly moisturizes skin to truly refresh and rehydrate all skin types.) Then there's our dead sea salt skin care itself: we use a blend of 21 different minerals harvested for their unique antibacterial and disinfecting effects. The Dr. Jart+ US Dermaclear™ collection includes two must-try dead sea salt skin care formulas: Dermaclear™ Microfoam Cleanser is a creamy, hypoallergenic foaming power cleanser made with our proprietary Hydrogen Bio Water to gently remove all traces of dirt, makeup and excess oil. With a rich, skin-soothing lather, this cleanser is dead sea salt skincare that detoxes and deeply purifies skin. Dermaclear™ Micro Water is a power cleanser featuring Hydrogen Bio Water to gently remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil to cleanse skin without water. A lightweight liquid, this multifunctional, versatile cleansing water is the perfect dead sea salt skin care for when time is tight or you're on the go. Every Dr. Jart+ US Dermaclear™ dead sea salt skin care product has been created by experts and tested by skincare lovers worldwide to ensure its formula is a pleasure to use, with results that work wonders.