Skin. Science. Art.

Did you know the name Dr.Jart+ represents the fusion of dermatological research and skin science expertise with art?

Art is part of who we are and it’s why we’ve partnered with Art Start, an award-winning organization that uses the creative process to provide vital opportunities for youth to heal, thrive, and grow through the adverse conditions of their present circumstances, and guide them toward developing life skills beyond the arts.

20 Artists. Endless Creativity.

Throughout the year, the Dr.Jart+ team will participate in Art Start’s Creative Connections Program. We’ll collaborate with 20 Art Start artists in a variety of disciplines, from graphic design and music to dance and videography on a series of creative projects, workshops and two-way mentorships that explore the relationship between art and business. In addition, we will sponsor their Creative Connections program with a donation that will help fund stipends, tuition, supplies, equipment and other operating expenses.

More About Art Start

For nearly 30 years and with the help of 12,000 volunteers and teaching artists, Art Start has served more than 25,000 youth, and become an award-winning, nationally recognized model for transforming young lives. Headquartered in New York City, Art Start launched its Milwaukee program in 2017 and is piloting one in Chicago in 2021.