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“Art Start provides young artists with a steady base to start their career, ensuring that they can achieve their creative dreams, regardless of their backgrounds.” - Myasia

“Art Start helped me get out my comfort zone, not only in the program but in general especially with using my artist discipline in front of others”  - Trinia

20 Artists. Endless Creativity.

Since October 2021, we’ve been collaborating with 20 youth from Art Start’s Emerging Artists program

on a series of interactive workshops centered around creative storytelling, brand building and professional development.


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More About Art Start

For nearly 30 years and with the help of 12,000 volunteers and teaching artists, Art Start has served more than

25,000 youth, and become an award-winning, nationally recognized model for transforming young lives.

Headquartered in New York City, Art Start launched its Milwaukee program in 2017.