Dr.Jart+ Pore Remedy Collection

Introducing Pore.remedy™

Gentle resurfacing, powerful results.


Our new PHA exfoliating serum and mud-coated mask help smooth skin, decongest and minimize the look of pores. It’s clinically proven.

The clinical results are in!


Acid care without irritation!

This watery serum with 7% PHA is proven to instantly:

+ Smooth skin's texture

+ Minimize the look of pores


And after 1 week:

+ Control oil

+ Reduce dead skin cells

+ Decrease blackheads


Mess-less green mud mask!

Proven after 1 use to:

+ Reduce oil by 60%

+ Extract blackheads 

+ Remove dead skin cells by 33%

+ Visibly reduce pores by 31%

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Did you know PHA is a better acid care option for sensitive skin?

This exfoliator is similar to BHAs and AHAs but it has a larger molecular

size so it doesn't penetrate as deeply into skin which helps reduce irritation.

Did you know PHA is a better acid care option for sensitive skin?

This exfoliator is similar to BHAs and AHAs but it has a larger
molecular size so it doesn't penetrate as deeply into skin which helps
reduce irritation.