Teatreement moisturizer, cleanser and toner for oily skin and blemishes are displayed with leafy plants on a bright backdrop

Tea Tree Skin Care - Teatreement™

Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement™ Collection targets blemishes and helps clear skin with pH balancing Teatreement™ Solution.

Many of Dr.Jart+’s Teatreement™ products are formulated with Australian Tea Tree Leaf to help purify oily, blemish prone skin and Niacinamide to help control oil and brighten skin.

Why is Dr.Jart+’s US Teatreement line better than other tea tree skincare? Because it doesn’t just help clear blemishes, it targets them while leaving unproblematic areas alone. The result is less breakouts, more hydration, and a rebalancing of the skin’s pH levels that most tea tree skincare couldn’t dream of getting done. Plus, our tea tree skincare has a lab-tested formula helps reduce redness and acne stains long after use. Our Teatreement range has three key products to help reset your skin’s natural settings and target blemishes for clearer, more consistent results. Teatreement Cleansing Foam, a mild foam cleanser with spot-targeting technology to remove impurities without stripping moisture or irritating unconcerned areas. By balancing the oil-moisture level in the skin to keep it from feeling dry after cleansing, this is the rare tea tree skin care product that targets blemishes but doesn’t dry out the rest of your skin. This cleanser is also infused with salicylic acid to exfoliate and fight breakouts, plus coconut extracts to soothe and rehydrate skin, clearing breakouts while keeping skin hydrated and glowing, with minimized pores. Teatreement Toner, a light formula that removes excess dirt and oil, then rebalances oily and combination skin while adding quick hydration after cleansing. This tea tree product clears the way to better skin, targeting blemishes without disturbing the rest of the skin barrier and giving it a fresh, matte finish. It’s even infused with Vitamin B3 to reduce dark spots. Teatreement Moisturizer, a tea tree skincare product that targets blemishes with powerful and rapid results, while restoring a healthy balance of oil and moisture that won't clog pores. Besides tea tree skincare ingredients, it contains Green Calming Complex, a scientific mix of plant and flower extracts that hydrates and soothes skin, giving it a clear, fresh finish.